What is the Do No Harm Pledge?

We are asking people to commit to do no harm through interpretation of Holy Text or other religious writings. This includes harm caused on the basis of sexual orientation, gender expression, race or faith tradition.


Magistrates are responsible for signing off on the three most important documents of a person’s life; their birth certificate, marriage license, and death certificate. Using religion to deny people equal protection under the law is both unconstitutional and ethically immoral.


Members of every faith tradition have the special responsibility of providing a safe space and using language that is not harmful.


Every business owner has the right to decide who they will serve. However, using religious text to violate the rights of everyday people has several negative implications, and is overall bad business.


Legislators are responsible for creating laws that are put in to place to protect people’s civil rights, as well as give people the opportunity to openly express their beliefs without harming others.

Every magistrate has the right to recuse from performing all lawful marriages based upon any sincerely held religious objection. -Senate Bill 2

Beliefs Should Not Be Weapons

Choose to not obstruct the right of other citizens to have equal protection under the law.

Do No Harm is a national campaign of the Freedom Center for Social Justice. Our organization does work at the intersections of faith, race, and classism as it relates to the LGBTQ community. We are committed to using the Do No Harm Campaign as a means to peacefully oppose laws, institutions, and perspectives that do harm to the LGBTQ community as a whole. Do No Harm is gaining momentum in its nerve center of Charlotte, NC, and we will be using our learnings and tools to train other local communities on how to implement the campaign in their own cities and states. If you have an interest in joining the Do No Harm movement, please contact us!

Join us in helping ensure all citizens receive equal protection under the law.

Interested in launching Do No Harm in your own community? Let us know!